Ticket Sale Terms

Hereafter the use of "the performance" shall be assumed to refer to the performance for which your tickets are (or potentially are) valid.

Hereafter the use of "the company" or "the Company" shall be assumed to refer to ' The Phoenix Players ' or ' Southsea Box Office '.

Hereafter the use of "the website" or "the website's" shall be assumed to refer to 'www.thephoenixplayers.co.uk', 'phoenixstage.co.uk' or 'southseaboxoffice.co.uk'.

If you make a reservation or booking, it will be accepted that you are fully compliant with these Terms and Conditions. Failure to read the Terms and Conditions will not render them invalid in any case. Misunderstanding, or misinterpreting, the Terms and Conditions does not alter their meaning or render them invalid in any case. Any information given in any form by any other company (including companies with whom we may be working in partnership) or venues (including venues at which we may be performing) does not render these Terms and Conditions invalid or alter their supremacy in any case, unless expressly stated on the website to be the case.

Tickets are sold subject to the company's right to make alterations to the cast or advertised arrangements, discounts, and prices.


You can make a request for tickets by telephone. Please do not put payment in the post. Tickets requested by telephone will constitute a reservation, subject to availability.

Reservations expire half an hour before Curtain Up and will become void and the tickets free to be sold.

The company reserves the right to refuse to reserve and/or sell tickets to any individual or group.


Tickets reserved by telephone by card. Tickets can also be purchased in person at the Box Office on the day/night of performance without prior reservation, subject to availability.

E-tickets booked online require payment by Debit card or Credit card. Once an online booking has been completed, you will receive e-confirmation and/or phone app confirmation if chosen, your e-tickets will be recorded on the box office software so no other ticket will be issued.

A booking will not be considered to be valid until payment has been received. If payment is not received within the stated time (see above) for any reason, the reservation may become void without notice and the reserved tickets released to be sold.

It is your responsibility to ensure you book the correct performance date and time, and ticket types. In the event that you realise you have booked too many tickets or tickets at the wrong price, you will not receive a refund. Please satisfy yourself that you have checked the details of your booking before making payment.

When ordering tickets on the website, if you make an error in the selecting of ticket prices, a refund will not be given in any circumstances.


Tickets can be refunded in the case of cancellation of the performance for which the tickets have been issued or by the discretion of the management to refund in certain circumstances. Any refund requests must be applied for in writing within 10 days of the date of the performance paid for.


Tickets bought by telephone can be transferred to another performance of the same production, subject to availability. A fee of £2.00 per booking is applicable for exchanging tickets. The original tickets will no longer be valid and entry will be refused.

Replacement tickets will be in the form of an e-ticket posted to you email address. In some circumstances they can be held at the Box Office for collection on the night of the performance. If the exchange fee is not settled, the tickets will not be valid and admittance may be refused. This service does not apply to tickets booked online.

Concessions and Special Offers

Only one concession, or special offer, per ticket is applicable. Special offers cannot be used in conjunction with other offers/concessions (unless specified).

Concessions can be claimed by, or for, individuals who are aged Sixteen years (16) and under, and individuals who are aged sixty years (60) and over. Concessionary tickets must be requested at the time of booking. Concessionary tickets can be upgraded to full-price tickets on the day of the performance by payment of the difference. Full-price tickets can be used to admit individuals eligible for concessionary rates, but in this case, no refund will be given.

Special offers can only be successfully claimed when all the Requirements pertaining to the special offer in question, are met.

It will sometimes be the case that special offers and reduced ticket prices will be introduced after the tickets are already on sale. In this case, the offers do not apply retrospectively to tickets already purchased.

If you are eligible for special offers or concessionary ticket prices that are introduced after you have made a reservation but before you have made payment, they can be made applicable to you if you request so before payment is transacted. It is not our responsibility or intention to inform you personally of offers that are introduced after you have made a reservation but before you have made payment.

If a concession/offer is promoted in error, the company shall not be obliged to honour this promotion to any patron attempting to purchase tickets in accordance with it, providing it has not been upheld in favour of any other patron(s). The company reserves the right to make any offer of reduced/concessionary tickets expire at any time, without notice.

For online bookings, your e-tickets will be sent to you by email or phone app if chosen.


The taking of photographs or the making of recordings (in any format) of any performance is expressly forbidden (unless it is expressly permitted in writing by the Performance Rights holder and the company).

By purchasing a ticket, it will be understood that patrons consent to the filming and sound recording of themselves in the auditorium as part of the audience.

Admission to the auditorium will only be granted to holders of valid tickets, e-tickets or phone app tickets or according to a prior arrangement made by the company that constitutes, to the satisfaction of the company, valid admission.

The company reserves the right to refuse admission, or re-admission, to any individual. In the case of a refusal of admission, or re-admission, no refunds will be given.

Anybody arriving after the start of the performance may be asked to wait until an interval before being admitted to the auditorium. In this case, no refunds or discounts will be given.

The company reserves the right to ask you to leave the auditorium and/or the building at any time before, during, or after, the performance. In this case, no refunds will be given.


All seat are numbered and only the reserved person can occupy these seats. If you occupy someone else's seat you will be asked to move.

Mailing List

If your email address/postal address is submitted via the website's Contact page, it is accepted that you have consented to receive emails regarding future and current productions until you email/write to request to be removed from the list.

Terms & Conditions valid from 14/03/2015

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